Apple LED Cinema Display - Getting Started

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Getting Started

Your Apple LED Cinema Display is designed to work seamlessly

with Mac computers that have a Mini DisplayPort connector.

It features an LED-backlit widescreen display, a MagSafe

connector to charge your MacBook computer, a built-in iSight

camera, a microphone, and a speaker system.

The instructions on the following pages help you set up and use your new display.
Learn how to:


Connect your display to your computer


Use your display’s camera, microphone, speaker system, and USB ports


Adjust your display’s settings

Note: You can connect your Apple LED Cinema Display to a Mac desktop computer
that has a Mini DisplayPort.


Carefully read all the installation instructions (and the safety information

starting on page 13) before you set up and use your display.

For information about the specific computers and graphics cards that are compatible
with your display, go to

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